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Bet on UFC Online

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) provide high-energy and exciting sports experiences. And, there's a multitude of MMA fighting organizations today. However, almost nothing can be compared to the prestige held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). It's considered as the premier fighting organization in MMA.

The UFC is the big stage where every aspiring fighter would hope to find themselves. It's generally split into 9 weight classes. Such include Welterweight, Bantamweight, Middleweight, Flyweight, and Heavyweight. Fighters are classified according to their current weight and can only face competitors who fall in the same category.

UFC bouts are classified as either 'Standard' or 'Championship'. The former is limited to three rounds while the latter comprises five rounds. Each round generally lasts 5 minutes, with a minute-long break in between the rounds. Competitors can win by decision, submission, or knock-out.

UFC Online Betting

UFC betting has been growing along with the sport itself. That's mostly attributed to the fact that the UFC organization renders Las Vegas as its home. Gamblers flock in huge numbers to Las Vegas to bet on their favorites. However, sharp bettors are now wagering on match-ups online.

UFC online betting is as exciting and stimulating as other popular sports betting. But, knowing the ins and outs in UFC online betting is quite important. There are several things you ought to learn before wagering any real money online on a UFC bout.

Ultimately, it's the key factor that will determine whether you'll win or lose your bets. We've compiled this short, simple, and straightforward guide to help equip you with all the basics necessary for a successful start in UFC betting.

UFC Betting Markets/Options & Odds to Wager on

It's imperative that you understand the various kinds of bets available. Yes, you can bet on much more than who the fight's winner will be. That brings about an incredible deal of betting flexibility. In turn, it'll enable you to leverage even more specific predictions with regard to how the fight will be. For instance, in addition to picking the winner, you can also specify how the contestant will win.

You should be aware of these options especially in cases where you feel you may make additional money by leveraging more specific predictions. The more specific your pick is, the better the odds will often be. Below, we discuss the most popular bet types offered in UFC betting.

(I) Match/Moneyline Bet

It's the most basic and popular bet you'll come across. The Match Bet is also the easiest to understand and figure out. Here, you're just required to predict who the fight's winner will be. Say, A will be fighting B. If you bet that A will win the fight and A defeats B, you'll have won the bet. It doesn't matter how your predicted fighter wins or in what round they win in.

(II) Over-Under Rounds' Bets

This kind of bet allows you to bet on when the fight will end. For instance, in a 3-round fight, you can bet on whether will end in under or over 2.5 rounds. In case you predict that the fight will finish in under 2.5 rounds, you'll need it to end before the 02:30 (Min: Sec) mark of the third round.

Similarly, in case your predict that the fight will finish in over 2.5 rounds, you'll need it to last at least a single second past the 02:30 mark of the third round. Should the match end as you had predicted, then you'll have won the bet, irrespective of who wins that fight.

(III) Prop & Victory Bets

Proposition (Prop) Bets are a collection of random bets which don't fall into either of the categories we've discussed above. Here, a proposition is made and you can then predict whether or not it'll actually happen. Say, a certain proposition entails defining the fighter who'll throw more jabs.

Such a bet isn't dependent on who the fight's winner will be. Also, it barely has a direct effect on a fight's outcome. Say, you predict that B will throw more jabs and then B throws 50 more than A, but A knocks A out with one jab. You'll still have won the bet.

The Victory Bet is among the most popular Prop Bets in the UFC. In a Victory Bet, you're required to predict how a fight will end. Case in point, if you feel that the fight will end by submission, then you can wager on that. Victory Bets are typically attached to the fighters. As such, you'd actually be wagering on a particular fighter to win by submission.

(IV) Double Chance

This represents a fantastic way for you to hedge your bets when it comes to wagering on a UFC match's outcome. Mostly, victory betting entails choosing one method of victory for your chosen fighter. With the Double Chance market, you can bet on your chosen fighter to win by one of several, different ways. For instance, you can wager on a certain fighter to earn the win by knock-out or by submission.

(V) Pair Complementary Bets

As earlier discussed, you're not limited to making only one kind of bet in a fight. You can make multiple, different kinds of the bet if you have a strong prediction on how a fight will be. For instance, say you think fighter A will knock fighter B out early in the event. You can wager on fighter A to win, wager on A to win by knock-out, and bet on A to win in under 2.5 rounds. It'll then be a huge payday in case all or most of your predictions are correct.

Best UFC Online Betting Sites

Knowing what bet(s) you should make or which fighter(s) you should bet on is just a part of the battle. It's also important that you select an ideal platform to bet from. Online sportsbooks have become prevalent, hence granting you access to multiple bet types and other more perks, along with comfort and convenience. More importantly, gamblers can now shop betting lines to ensure they earn the biggest bang for their buck.

Below, we highlight the 4 best sportsbooks offering UFC online betting. Quite many things make these sites stand out. Virtually all of these offer the fastest payouts, the simplest-to-use interfaces, the most deposit and withdrawal options, as well as the most types of bets. Additionally, these are sportsbooks you can trust.

(I) Bet365


This bookmaker is popular mainly for being up to date with all new developments in UFC gambling. It's, therefore, no surprise that we recognize them as among the first betting sites to capitalize on the growing popularity of UFC. Bet365 regularly prices all UFC contests and available matches can be found on the official site's dedicated 'UFC' section.

You'll find at least two distinct markets – total rounds and fight winner – for every fight. Higher profile contests tend to have a multitude of additional betting options. Besides, this bookmaker often runs special offers and promotions related to high profile UFC bouts.

(II) Bodog Sports


Coming close second is Bodog Sports, a huge name in sports betting across the world. They take pride in offering a neat, yet classy sportsbook on which users can quickly place wagers on major UFC events. For some time now, they have been offering an extensive range of markets for UFC betting.

Bodog Sports regularly runs multiple, exclusive promotions and bonuses which you'll definitely appreciate. These are aimed at rewarding new and existing customers. Payouts are conveniently quick and simple while their customer support is indisputably top-notch.

Their dedicated UFC sports betting category always impresses with the broad range of markets offered. That, coupled with the site's simple-to-navigate interface, makes it simple for parlay punters to add several selections to their bet slip before the events begin.

(III) Paddy Power


Paddy Power excels in multiple, different areas when it comes down to sports betting. It particularly stands out by offering excellent UFC betting services to their clients. It's worth mentioning that the site boasts a pretty user-friendly interface, hence enabling you to navigate the various included sections in a smooth, straightforward manner.

The Irish-based bookie often prices up even potential upcoming bouts which are yet to be confirmed, listing them as ante-post markets. Additionally, nearly every UFC match that's priced up here goes in-play once the action begins. You can expect up to 20 distinct betting markets, including innovative selections like Method of Victory, Double-Chance, and Round Combinations.

(IV) Sports Interaction


Sports Interaction offers a broad array of betting options for premier MMA contests. Here, you'll find an amazing selection of bouts from virtually all UFC events and, in turn, excellent markets for the same. In addition to the fight winner market, this bookmaker allows punters to wager on the number of rounds each contest lasts.

High profile UFC events get to benefit from in-play or live betting. As such, you can also place your bet even after the actual action has started. Sports Interaction is committed to providing sports fans with competitive lines and innumerable markets. Besides, they have delved into mobile betting with a quick, efficient system that allows UFC fans to place their bets even while on the go.

Parting Remarks

UFC online betting can be both exciting and lucrative if you understand what you're doing. We recommend that you watch plenty of UFC prior to wagering on any individual bouts. Check the previous match-ups and watch out for each individual fighter's tactics. For example, determine how a certain fighter overcomes trouble and how they deal with the pressure of being favorites. Look at how a particular fighter performs at specific venues or in certain countries.

Put simply, ensure you do proper and intensive research. There are lots of sites offering statistical information on UFC fighters. As such, acquiring information shouldn't be hard.

Next, consider comparing the different online sportsbooks available. Opt for a bookie that offers enhanced odds and improved lines. If you intend to place any bet after the match has begun, then ensure your chosen bookmaker offers in-play wagering.

Lastly, read through this guide again and ensure you understand all of the aspects featured above. Armed with this information, you should then combine it with your own research and knowledge. Hopefully, you'll then have a fun, yet successful experience in UFC sports betting. Good luck!

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