Rinchuse Martial Arts


(Copied from the OKIKUKAI headquarters on Okinawa)

The emblem is really a composite of two symbols, one representing the old Okinawa
and one the new. The off-center circle - within - a - circle is the official prefectural
symbol of the Okinawa; the outer red ring represents the ocean, the inner white ring
peace, and the central red sphere means development or progress. This symbol of modern
Okinawa is enclosed within a symbol of the ancient Ryukyan Kingdom consisting of three
yellow waves that circle a white region. The Okikukai emblem combines symbols to represent
the continuity of ancient Ryukyan values within modern day Okinawa, and the concentric
circles motif symbolizes, variously, the eternity of Heaven and Earth, self-completion,
equality, and peace. This whirling vision of justice and peace, so central to the Okikukai
philosophy, is also the confident expression of the belief that the ancient Ryukyan
ethics continues and will continue to enliven Okinawan life.

The emblem was designed by Master Takoa Sakiyama, Kyoshi 7 Dan

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